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Committed to providing the best information and referrals on disabilities resources, mental health services, and elderly care, see how the Aging & Disability Resource Center and its team of dedicated specialists continues to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

“I am pleased that the ADRC staff person took the time to call and discuss my needs. It’s difficult when you are on your own to know where to turn for help. He had information sent to me. I thank you for your help and concern.”

“I was referred from the Elderly Benefit Specialist - she is a very caring and compassionate person and I wish there would be more people as good and kind as she is.”

“The gal at the ADRC was very helpful - she went over and above the call of duty!”

“ I wanted to drop you a note of appreciation and gratitude for the assistance you provided with the social/security disability process I recently "dove into".   You were so comfortable to work with, and put all my fears to rest, as this was such an emotional decision for me to even apply.  (At this point the resolution is not as important as is the hurdle of just getting through the emotional process to apply...)."

“The information that I received was helpful and consistent with what I requested. They got right to the point and handled the specifics of my questions.”

“This service is a huge asset to our community!”