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FILE OF LIFE Every second counts in a medical emergency - and what medical personnel DON'T know about your medical history may hurt you!

The FILE OF LIFE is an easy, FREE way to ensure that medical personnel have a quick record of your medical history, medical conditions and medications in the event you are unable to provide it yourself.

How Does it Work?

Medical and emergency workers are trained to look for the FILE OF LIFE stickers and bright red cases. If you or your loved ones don't have a FILE OF LIFE, here is how you can get one:

- Obtain a FILE OF LIFE kit

  • Request a kit by calling the ADRC at 866-739-2372.
  • The kit will contain:
    • a refrigerator form and magnetic case;
    • a wallet form and case; and
    • two notification stickers.
  • The kits are provided FREE of charge.
- Fill out BOTH the refrigerator form and the wallet form with your most up-to-date medical information. We recommend using a pencil so that changes can be made easily.

- Place the completed refrigerator form in its magnetic case and attach it to an obvious place on the outside of your refrigerator.

- Place the completed wallet form in its case - and always carry it with you when you leave the house.

- Place a FILE OF LIFE sticker at the entrance to your house to notify emergency workers that you have a completed form.

- Place a FILE OF LIFE sticker on your vehicle to notify emergency workers that you have a completed form.

- KEEP MEDICAL HISTORY UP TO DATE - REVIEW / UPDATE IT EVERY 6 MONTHS. Your information will be of no use if it is not current and accurate. Updating this information can mean the difference between life and death!

Need a replacement FILE OF LIFE form?

Click on the links below to open and print the form(s) you need, free of charge. Or call ADRC at 866-739-2372 to request them.

File of Life Form - Refrigerator (PDF)
File of Life Form - Wallet (PDF)