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Helpful Guidance on Social Security Benefits, Medicare and More

Benefit Specialists are professionals who provide broad access to benefits, entitlements, and legal rights for older adults and people who have disabilities. The goal of the program is to promote and preserve autonomy, dignity, independence, and financial security for those individuals utilizing the service.

Benefit Specialists are here to help you "navigate the system" with their knowledge of the services available and advocacy skills to help the individuals they service. There are a number of different assistance programs available, from food and energy bill assistance to taxes and prescription medications. Check out our Benefit Quick Check document (PDF) to see a quick overview of some of the assistance programs available, along with qualifications and contact information. As always, feel free to contact our Benefit Specialists with any questions you may have.

Elder Benefit Specialists

Elder Benefit Specialists provide counseling, advocacy and technical assistance to individuals ages 60 and older on the following issues:

- Social Security benefits
- Medicare benefits
- Medicare supplemental insurance
- Medical assistance
- Consumer problems
- Age discrimination in employment
- Homestead tax credit
- Housing problems
- Supportive home services
- Food stamps
- General relief
- Other legal and benefit problems

They also assist people with understanding the various programs available, related paperwork needed, and connecting with resources to provide additional assistance.

Elder Benefit Specialists remain current on changes in public policy and elder law issues through support from the Wisconsin Elder Law Center.

Calumet County Elder Benefit Specialist Program Brochure

Outagamie County Elder Benefit Specialist Program Brochure

Waupaca County Elder Benefit Specialist Program Brochure

Disability Benefit Specialists

Disability Benefit Specialist Program Brochure - English
Disability Benefit Specialist Program Phau menyuam ntawv - Hmong
Disability Benefit Specialist Proggram Folleto - Español - Spanish

Disability Benefit Specialists assist individuals between the ages of 18 and 59 who have physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, mental health issues and/or substance abuse issues. They provide counseling, advocacy, and technical assistance regarding:

- Issues affecting an individual's access to basic income, health care, and/or housing
- Social Security benefits
- Private insurance questions
- Medical Assistance applications
- Housing and utility issues
- Veteran benefits
- FoodShare
- Prescription drug programs
- Other health-care benefit needs and issues

Disability Benefit Specialists remain current on changes in public policy and laws related to disability benefits through Disability Rights Wisconsin.