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In Wisconsin, the Department of Health Services initiated long-term care reform in several pilot counties. The goals of long-term care reform include simplifying access to long-term care services, expanding choices for services beyond nursing home care, and containing the cost of long-term care services funded by the state.

The Department of Health Services has published a listing of their Anticipated Implementation Dates for long-term care reform in 2009 - 2011, as well as a Map of Wisconsin with long-term care reform start dates. 

Long-Term Care Reform Basics
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Long-Term Care Basics

Publicly-funded long-term care reform consists of two elements: Aging & Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) and Managed Care.

Aging and Disability Resource Centers help aging adults and adults with disabilities understand their options for long term care, including determining if they are eligible for publicly funded long term care.  Individuals who are eligible for publicly funded long term care receive Enrollment Counseling at the ADRC so they understand their options and make the best choice to meet their personal needs.  The ADRC then assists the individual in enrolling in the plan of their choice. 

Managed Care in Calumet, Outagamie, and Waupaca Counties will be provided by Community Care, Inc.  They will offer two plan options:

  1. Family Care - a public program that provides care management for the long-term care needs of eligible individuals
  2. Family Care Partnership - includes the benefits of Family Care as well as acute care services and medications
IRIS (Include Respect, I Self-Direct) is an option for Individuals who wish to manage their own services and budget and chose not to enroll in Family Care or Family Care Partnership.  IRIS is a program that gives participants more choices, control, and freedom in designing their own support and service plans to meet their functional, vocational, medical, and social needs.

Family Care, Partnership, and IRIS programs allow recipients of services to:
  • Purchase better consumer outcomes, not services or processes
  • Have more flexibility in building services that address their needs, preferences, and resources
  • Live in the most integrated setting suited to their needs and preferences and reduce their reliance on institutional and residential care
  • Include and support informal caregivers
  • NEW!  IRIS now features an option for participants to self-direct their personal care services. 
Click the following link to download a PDF comparing long-term benefit packages:
Comparison of LTC Benefit Packages


To improve access to services in our region, the Northeast Wisconsin Partnership Care Management Coalition (NEW PCMC) has formed. It consists of ADRCs in Calumet, Outagamie, and Waupaca Counties as well as Community Care, Inc. - a private, non-profit organization. Together, we are working to develop a coordinated, integrated approach to long-term care redesign. Our goal is to ensure all eligible consumers in this region have access to the high quality long-term care services they need.

Click the following link to download the PDF document with more information:

Stakeholder Information

In 2006, Calumet, Outagamie, and Waupaca (C-O-W) counties, along with ten other counties and three tribes, received a planning grant from the State of Wisconsin to implement long-term care reform in this region. In 2008, these three counties committed to working together as a coalition in implementing long-term care reform.


Community Meetings on Family Care and Family Care Partnership To Be Scheduled in Waupaca County - Check Back for More Information

Information on how current COP and CIP service recipients will be enrolled into the publicly-funded program of their choice (Family Care, Partnership, or IRIS) is presented in this powerpoint presentation (PDF document). 

Enrollment Presentation Powerpoint

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Upcoming Meetings

Check back for meetings to be scheduled in 2010 in Waupaca County. 



Resources and Links

NEW PCMC Proposed Timeline

Contact Us

For any questions related to long-term care reform or NEW PCMC, please call or email the ADRC in your county.